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Trying to make cryptogram script

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Old 02-17-2016
Linux Trying to make cryptogram script

Hello everyone,

Relatively new to Linux but I'm trying to solve a problem.

I'm trying to make a cryptogram solver script where I use tr to easily replace the "cryptic" letters with the solved letters. I have the cryptogram as an all-lowercase text file crypt.txt. When I make replacements, the replacement letters will be uppercase to distinguish them.

My problem is that I also want those letters to change color.

I took this code from a different post I found from a search on these forums:
cat mylog | sed ''/START/s//`printf "\033[32mSTART\033[0m"`/''

and edited it for my use. My general format for letter replacing say, a "k" with an "L", is:
cat crypt.txt | tr k L | sed ''/L/s//`printf "\033[32mL\033[0m"`/''

but this only works if the letter is by itself e.g. not in the middle of a word. I've tried adding * to each side of L but was unsuccessful.

Any help would be appreciated! Thanks. This is my first post so hello everyone
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Old 02-17-2016
Not sure what you want to achieve and where it fails - try
sed 's/k/^[[1;31mL^[[0m/g' file

The ^[ is the verbatim escape char, entered e.g. using <CTRL>v<ESC>from the command line.
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Old 02-17-2016
Thanks rudic, I tried that code but nothing changed. I can get the original code I used to work as long as the objective letter is by itself e.g. not part of a 2+ letter word.
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Old 02-17-2016
sed 's/m/^[[1;31mL^[[0m/g' file

to's mail yields
Dear RudiC,

jereESC[1;31mLESC[0myab5 has just replied to a thread you have subscribed to entitled -
Trying to ESC[1;31mLESC[0make cryptograESC[1;31mLESC[0m script - in the UNIX for DuESC[1;31mLESC[0mESC[1;31mLESC[0mies Questions &
Answers foruESC[1;31mLESC[0m of Unix & Linux ForuESC[1;31mLESC[0ms.

This thread is located at:
---------- Post updated at 18:08 ---------- Previous update was at 18:04 ----------

which on a terminal will look like
Dear RudiC,

jereLyab5 has just replied to a thread you have subscribed to entitled - 
Trying to Lake cryptograL script - in the UNIX for DuLLies Questions & 
Answers foruL of Unix & Linux ForuLs.

This thread is located at:

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Old 02-17-2016
That's odd, when I use that piece of code on
I auwfgi twj jdgo aw nfhu dvwfj nramgb Ib jumsm xmsm dtrvwir mgam xuwn I otmx da xmgg. -umtsr idzIi juwsmdf
It gives me
I auwfgi twj jdgo aw nfhu dvwfj nra^[[1;31mL^[[0mgb Ib ju^[[1;31mL^[[0ms^[[1;31mL^[[0m x^[[1;31mL^[[0ms^[[1;31mL^[[0m dtrvwir ^[[1;31mL^[[0mga^[[1;31mL^[[0m xuwn I ot^[[1;31mL^[[0mx da x^[[1;31mL^[[0mgg. -u^[[1;31mL^[[0mtsr idzIi juws^[[1;31mL^[[0mdf
The two lines of code to get that output, respectively, are:
cat crypt.txt | tr k I

cat crypt.txt | tr k I | sed 's/m/^[[1;31mL^[[0m/g'

Thank you for your help
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Old 02-17-2016
There's NO k in your text to be replaced! I'm using m as the target char.

DON'T cat the file, and DON'T tr the file. Use as given:
sed 's/m/^[[1;31mL^[[0m/g' crypt.txt
       ^--target ^--repl. char

That changes lower case m to red upper case L , provided you enter the explicit <ESC> char and NOT two chars ^ and [ .

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