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Vim tips and tricks

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Originally Posted by Howie Vahedi
Now I have to figure out how to switch from Insertion Mode to Command Mode Smilie
It is simple; just hit the escape key.
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Just another usefull vim tip, to customize your own skin :

To just view the setting, just use it with no argument :

also shortened as

This will display the current settings.

To display the current setting of the Comment class, just enter:
:hi Comment

For example, if your comment lines appear in a Dark blue and you expect a lightblue instead (0,255,255) or #00ffff try :

:hi Comment ctermfg=6

You could then set your own settings in your $HOME/.vimrc ... activate :set syntax=on if necessary)

The different classes (Comment, Title, Constant, Special, ...) and much more, are documented at :
Vim documentation: syntax

Just play with the :highlight command , get use to it and enjoy !

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Originally Posted by ctsgnb
cW:change the Whole line from the current cursor position (same as C )
not quite: The difference is what "word" means. "cw" (or any other command using "w" as a range assignment) will treat special characters as the end of the word, whereas "cW" will treat only whitespace (or line ends) as word delimiters. In the following text:

typeset foo=bar        # comment

if the cursor is under the "f" of "foo", then "cw" will replace "foo" with what you type afterwards, whereas "cW" will replace "foo=bar". To change the line from the cursor position to the line end use "C".

I hope this helps.

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Ok fixed ... Thanks bakunin for noticing this point Smilie
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in vim
:set ic
switch (toggle)
:set ic!
:set noic

--- Post updated at 08:39 ---

I always use only one command (toggle), for example
:set nu!
Print line numbers
:set nu!
Print line nonumbers
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