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Using SCP command in IBM AIX to download file from remote to local system

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Top Forums UNIX for Advanced & Expert Users Using SCP command in IBM AIX to download file from remote to local system
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Question Using SCP command in IBM AIX to download file from remote to local system

When i run the code in solaris unix machine, the file from remote server is getting downloaded. but when i use the same code in IBM AIX remote machine, it is not running. It is saying "Erro during scp transfer." Below is the code.

Please give some resolution.

SCPClient client = new SCPClient(conn);
client.get("/home/userid/bin/test.log.gz", "D:\\");

SCPClient source code snippet below:

public void get(String remoteFiles[], String localTargetDirectory) throws IOException
Session sess = null;

if ((remoteFiles == null) || (localTargetDirectory == null))
throw new IllegalArgumentException("Null argument.");

if (remoteFiles.length == 0)

String cmd = "scp ";
for (int i = 0; i < remoteFiles.length; i++)
if (remoteFiles[i] == null)
throw new IllegalArgumentException("Cannot accept null filename.");

String tmp = remoteFiles[i].trim();
if (tmp.length() == 0)
throw new IllegalArgumentException("Cannot accept empty filename.");

cmd += (" " + tmp);

sess = conn.openSession();
receiveFiles(sess, remoteFiles, localTargetDirectory);
catch (IOException e)
throw (IOException) new IOException("Error during SCP transfer.").initCause(e);
if (sess != null)

private void receiveFiles(Session sess, String[] files, String target) throws IOException
byte[] buffer = new byte[8192];

OutputStream os = new BufferedOutputStream(sess.getStdin(), 512);
InputStream is = new BufferedInputStream(sess.getStdout(), 40000);


for (int i = 0; i < files.length; i++)
LenNamePair lnp = null;

while (true)
int c =;
if (c < 0)
throw new IOException("Remote scp terminated unexpectedly.");

String line = receiveLine(is);
if (c == 'T')
/* Ignore modification times */


if ((c == 1) || (c == 2))
throw new IOException("Remote SCP error: " + line);

if (c == 'C')
lnp = parseCLine(line);

throw new IOException("Remote SCP error: " + ((char) c) + line);


File f = new File(target + File.separatorChar + lnp.filename);
FileOutputStream fop = null;

fop = new FileOutputStream(f);

long remain = lnp.length;
while (remain > 0)
int trans;
if (remain > buffer.length)
trans = buffer.length;
trans = (int) remain;

int this_time_received =, 0, trans);
if (this_time_received < 0)
throw new IOException("Remote scp terminated connection unexpectedly");

fop.write(buffer, 0, this_time_received);
remain -= this_time_received;
if (fop != null)

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Try running the same scp on the command line to see if that produces any meaningful error output. Your program above catches the exception and exits; The InitCause() code apparently does nothing useful.

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