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Multiple instances of windows exe from unix

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Multiple instances of windows exe from unix


I have a requirement to run multiple instances of an .exe file present in windows server from unix machine. The number of threads to be invoked is determined dynamically based on a variable field. We will be passing some parameters to windows .exe file for each instance.

I am a unix novice.It would be very helpful if you could provide a sample shell script for that.

Appreciate your fast response

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We'll need a bit more information here. What variant of UNIX are you using? How do you invoke the Windows program? RPC? Telnet/SSH? Telepathy?
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Hi sam99,

As far as I know, it would be impossible or hard to implement a direct connection where a command issued in a UNIX environment will affect a WIN based machine, but of course there is always some other ways.

Socket Programming Option:
For the UNIX machine, you can have a java or C program that sends "requests" to the WIN machine via sockets while the WIN machine will have another program (could be developed using VB6/.NET) that listens also via socket. Try searching for socket programming for further reference.

The Other Option:
Another option would be to have a program or script in the WIN machine (a vbscript will do) that runs infinitely, or regularly, that checks for new "requests" in the form of a flat file. The flat file would be the flag/token that will server as the "request" or signal to initiate another instance of the .exe. An update or the existence of that flat file can serve as the trigger for the script in the WIN machine to do so. In the end you'll need a minimum of 2 scripts to pull this off, one in the WIN machine (listener) and another in the UNIX machine (an FTP script will do).
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