Resizing veritas mirror-stripe volume

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Old 01-03-2009
Resizing veritas mirror-stripe volume


Is there are any special preocedure for extending veritas mirror-stripe volume? In my case , volume lay out looks as below
v test - ENABLED ACTIVE 419430400 SELECT - fsgen
pl test-01 test ENABLED ACTIVE 419454720 STRIPE 3/128 RW
sd data020-03 test-01 data020 1424640 139818240 0/0 c0t2d0 ENA
sd data030-03 test-01 data030 1424640 139818240 1/0 c0t3d0 ENA
sd data040-03 test-01 data040 1424640 139818240 2/0 c0t4d0 ENA
pl test-02 test ENABLED ACTIVE 419454720 STRIPE 3/128 RW
sd data050-04 test-02 data050 3541248 139818240 0/0 c0t5d0 ENA
sd data060-04 test-02 data060 3541248 139818240 1/0 c0t6d0 ENA
sd data070-04 test-02 data070 3541248 139818240 2/0 c0t7d0 ENA

I have enough space on Disks data020,030,040,050,060 and 070 .I generally use command

vxresize -b -f vxfs -g rootdg test +1g data020 data030 data040 data050 data060 data070

Does this command holds good???

Bcz my recent execution of this command led to corruption of file system , we are yet to dig the root cause of the same.Pls help in confirming whether this is the right comamnd for this scenario...

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