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NIS Problem

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Old 01-06-2003
Data NIS Problem

Hi all,
I use a sparc 1000 Enterprice server with solaris 5.8 as nis server.
IŽam able to login as root user on the server and switch after
that to any other user (If I am switch as root user) . So far so good.
But if i try a

rlogin server -l user_name
su - user (if I am no root user)

and enter the right password I get always the erro message:

Login incorrect
su: Sorry

I verify the password and change it to standard one but nothing happens. Using another user .. no result.

This happens after we transport the server to a other location.
In my opinion all relevant prozesses are running.

thanks for every info or hint.
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Old 01-06-2003
are you able to see the maps on the other servers

$ ypcat hosts

if you can. are the map correctly exported from the master server ?
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Old 01-06-2003
it seems to me that the user you are trying to su in to is not in your /etc/passwd and /etc/shadow files

the root user password is in /etc/shadow that why root user can log on.

To be able to su to any other users you need the following entry in /etc/passwd file




The above informs the server to check nis(yp file) for users rather than the local /etc/passwd

username will be the username on the person you want to su in to
nisgroup will be group the user belong to
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Old 01-07-2003
after any modification in password or user's info that refers to passwd file you should run:

that propagates modifiactions in related maps.
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Old 01-08-2003
Bug Thanks for your replay.

Hi all

To MrOrange:
My Test system have only on NIS master and no other slave server. So I try to login on the niss masterserver with my one login name and password. I`am able to use ypcat hosts or ypcat passwd the output of this commands are complete with all hosts all users and so on.

To Hassan2:
All users are not only present as nis usres. I can find all relevant entryŽs in the local passwd or shadow.

To nikk:
If you use as root user
passwd name_of_user
the system change both the local passwd and the nis yppasswd.

Thanks all,
but I try this now for the 10th time and I donŽt now why but now the problem isnŽt yet present.
The server have 1 day time to solve the mistake alone because IŽam an a meating in another office and he has used this time.
regards joerg


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Old 01-08-2003
what happens when

what happens when you logging to a NIS-client workstaion as root. And you use the follwing command.

#ypcat passwd

the output had to be a password file output from the NIS-map with lives on you NIS-master (since you do not have NIS-slaves installed)

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