Server stopped pinging (in and out)

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Old 11-13-2002
Server stopped pinging (in and out)

hi All
my Redhat Linux server stopped responding to pings all together. and am also not able to ping out of the box. There are however no issues with internet connectivity and my application is working fine. When I tried to ping another machine (Win98) i could see the pings coming from my server and responses being sent back (from the personal Firewall on my win 98 laptop). But there was nothing being received at the Linux end.

What could cause this to happen? Any thoughts?

Thanks all!

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Old 11-13-2002
Are you using ipchains or iptables?
You may have blocked it out accidentally with a local packet filter (firewall)...

Also, your network admin may have set a rule to allow ICMP (pings) only one way...
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Old 11-14-2002
This is my ipchains.rules file:
:input ACCEPT
:forward ACCEPT
:output ACCEPT
:icmp -
-A input -s -d -p 1 -j icmp
-A input -s 443:443 -d -p 6 -j DENY -l -y
-A input -s -d 443:443 -p 6 -j DENY -l -y
-A input -s 443:443 -d -p 17 -j DENY -l
-A input -s -d 443:443 -p 17 -j DENY -l
-A input -s -d -p 6 -j ACCEPT ! -y
-A icmp -s 3:3 -d -p 1 -j ACCEPT
-A icmp -s 4:4 -d -p 1 -j ACCEPT
-A icmp -s 11:11 -d -p 1 -j ACCEPT
-A icmp -s 12:12 -d -p 1 -j ACCEPT
-A icmp -s -d -j DENY

Which line could be blocking the ping?

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