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Old 10-30-2002

I install an external disk on my sun solaris 8
this went fine and I was able to access all filesystem on the disk. the new disk is mounted on /local

then 6 hours later

files under /local/files was 1 byte in size

at the same time I received the following

error message in /var/adm/messages

automountd[7070]: [ID 155600 daemon.error] Mount of /local/files on /local/files would result in deadlock, aborted

the funny thing is the that /local/files is mount
in vfstab and not automount.

the only thing the uses automountd is the home directory automatically to mount home directory from nfs server.

last command shows that I was the only one logged
in at the time.

can you help? please
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Old 10-30-2002
The error is caused when a loopback mount is attempted.

Check that NIS or NIS+ does not have an entry for mounting /local or /local/files (where do your home directories mount?) /home ?).

Since this is a new disk, you could either try to find the problem and fix it, or just mount the new disk on a different name, /anyothername. (You could also do this to try to find what was trying to mount up on /local...)

If you do find that something is trying to mount up on /local or /local/files, then you can vi /etc/auto_master and tell it not to mount that file system

# Master map for automounter
/local/filesl -null

This tells the automount to not use the /local/files map entry which will
allow you to use a local /local/files directory on the host.
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Old 10-30-2002
THanks RTM,

I forgot to mention that files and subdirectory under /local/files

the size of the /local/files directory is now 1 byte from 5mb
I have no logical explaination for this.

I have never see or heard of files disppearing unless someone delete the file.

the /local/files directory is mounted locally and not through automount.

my auto_master configuration is like

/- auto_home rw,nosuid,browse

I have stopped and restarted automount daemon several times
but still receiving error message.

is they any explaination for this.
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Old 10-31-2002
Are you sure something hasn't mounted over the /local/files
directory ?

check with a bdf or df -k

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Old 10-31-2002
thanks everyone. problem solved.

I issued automount -v

and this drametically solved the problem with files under /local/files back to it normal size.

the server now understand /local as a locally
mounted in vfstab and not automount

Thanks again
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