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Strange read "error"

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Old 10-23-2008
PHP Strange read "error"

Good day.

I really hope U can help me with this as I'm stumped!
In the command line eg: read X; echo $x . Works perfectly fine.
Then running the same thing in my script it sometimes exiqute immediatly after pressing enter and continuiing. Not exiting the script I re-run the "read" section. Then after enterting some text. The curour jumps to the next line. I have to press enter 3-4 times before the script is running.
It's like there are 3/4 read's in a row, but the script only has one.
I've put echo's everywhere to find the problem, but the ONE read command creates random "read" instances. I can also just type 3-4 caracters and then the script continus to run.
Please help.

Here is the script so far.



#Display the email file with line number in it
function DISPLAYFILE {

function REMOVE {
echo "Good day..."
echo "Please select the number related to the email U would like to remove:"
read dn; echo $dn;
echo $dn


function ADDMAIL {
read newmail;
echo $newmail >> EMAILADDYS;

while [ $key != "X" ]; do
echo "GOOD DAY"
echo Below is the Email Addreses listed to recive the backup report

echo "Please choose (A)dd or (R)emove or (E)exit."
printf ">"
read -n1 key
#echo $key

case $key in
e) echo "EXITING";
E) echo "EXITING";
sleep 1;;
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Old 10-23-2008

Hello there.

Problem is fixed.. Closed the session and opend an new one.

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