crontab not working

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crontab not working

Dear all

We have SunOS 5.10 Generic_127127-11 sun4u sparc SUNW,Sun-Fire-V250

i have scheduled cronjob but its not working

Crontab details

15 15 * * * /d5/oratest/testdb/ TEST247
15 15 * * * mkdir -p rajesh /d4/appltest

Crontab log details

> CMD: mkdir -p rajesh /d4/appltest
> root 990 c Fri Oct 17 14:10:00 2008
< root 990 c Fri Oct 17 14:10:00 2008 rc=2
> CMD: /d5/oratest/testdb/ TEST247
> root 1130 c Fri Oct 17 15:15:00 2008
> CMD: mkdir -p rajesh /d4/appltest
> root 1131 c Fri Oct 17 15:15:00 2008
< root 1131 c Fri Oct 17 15:15:00 2008 rc=2
< root 1130 c Fri Oct 17 15:15:00 2008 rc=1
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If you use the search function, you will get a lot of stuff about people having problems with cronjobs and also there is this FAQ:

- Redirect it's output to a file
- Source the .profile or any environment defining file
- Use absolute paths
- Put it into a script maybe
- Read the FAQ
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Are the commandlines working correctly when using them from the commandline?
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Look in root mail for any error message from your cron.
BTW. Unusual to run an Oracle process from user root.
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The mkdir command looks suspect. The "-p" parameter just tells mkdir to create intermittent directories. As stated the command will create two directories: "rajesh" under root's home directory; and "/d4/appltest" .

In your example both your crons are set for the same time which may give you a problem sequencing the tasks. However the times in your cron log do not match the crontab described.
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