How to know whether my perodic thread is working fine

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Question How to know whether my perodic thread is working fine

Dear All,

I am using xenomai-2.4 along with linux kernel 2.6
In my application having following threads.

8ms perodic thread (RT TASK)
1ms perodic thread(RT TASK)
16ms perodic thread(RT TASK)
256ms perodic thread(RT TASK)

22 - pthread are condition based it may execute or else in semwait.

Here i want to prove my perodic threads are exceute with this elapsed time (like 1ms .., 8ms) whatever may be the load of CPU.

kindly tell me way i have to prove my perodic threads are working fine ( when overload the CPU) because my application use 143 MB of memory.
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collectl -

collectl has the ability to monitor threads in either top more or rolling output. if these are short-lived, you can always set a monitoring interval to < 1 sec! In fact, if you know the process name and issue the following command:

collectl --top --procfile cxxx --protopt t -i:0.01

it will look for all processes with the string xxx anywhere in their command line as well as any threads with that name once every 0.01 seconds!

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