Problem in script when using variables

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# 1  
Problem in script when using variables

The AppName may be TCS/HCL/SCB.
For All the above 3 i ill have exported TCSDIR/HCLDIR/SCBDIR in .profile with some path.
i'm cnstruct the path in script and trying to cd $VARIABLE, it shows "not found".

Any solution for this....?

> AppName="TCS"
> echo $AppName
> start_path="\$${AppName}DIR/src"
> echo $start_path
> cd $start_path
ksh: $TCSDIR/src:  not found
> cd $TCSDIR/src

# 2  
Assuming the name of the directory is /TCSDIR/scr


# 3  
$TCSDIR is the env variable set in my .profile

so i'm creating that based on the input in my script.
When i'm using that in script i'm getting issue.

$TCSDIR is /tmp/TCS_TEMP which is exported in .profile
# 4  
You need to use eval to expand a variable inside another variable.

eval echo $start_path

# 5  
Thanks, Its working.
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