SD-UX, PSF-File extract (HP-UX)

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Old 09-17-2002
SD-UX, PSF-File extract (HP-UX)

Hi all,

I downloaded Protfpd binary from I want to see (extract) the PSF file from depot-package. How can I do this?

Background: Now i built a Proftpd from source and must pack it with swpackage. Because I don`t know lot about the PSF format, i search for a good example!

thx a lot

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Old 09-17-2002
It would help to know what version of HPUX you are using.

Here is a very good site for HPUX users. The link below is to a swpackage manual.

You can also go to the docs site and search for swpackage.

Here is a link for specifics on swpackage that may help.
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