Reading HP-UX crypt file on LINUX REHL 4

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Old 09-02-2008
Reading HP-UX crypt file on LINUX REHL 4

I have a process that creates a file on a HP-UX server (11.11) using the HP-UX Command crypt.

This gets transfred to a LINUX server (REHL 4u4 AP) where crypt is not installed.

I have been trying to use the standard supplied "gpg" utility to decrypt the file but no sucess!.

Any help/ideas would be good.

Crypt creation on HP-UX
echo "test is a test" | crypt 123 >filename.crypt

File is transefred to LINUX

Who do I read it once there?

Many thanks in advance.
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Old 09-04-2008
gpg doesn't understand crypt so no surprise there.

I'm not a Red Hat person so I don't know the precise history, but previously, crypt used to be missing because of legal/licensing reasons from some Linux distros. Still, maybe you can find a ported crypt; have you tried rpmsearch?

I believe Perl ships with the crypt function so perhaps you could use that.

Perhaps it would be simpler to install something on HPUX which you already have on Linux, such as maybe gpg?
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