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Old 09-10-2002
If anybody is interested, this is how I solved it on Friday...
if [[ $1 = "-" ]]; then
        if [[ $rav -eq 1 ]]; then
                su-orig - $2 $3;
                su-orig - $2;
        if [[ $var -eq 1 ]]; then
                su-orig - $1 $2;
                su-orig - $1;

Renamed the original su to su-orig and put this script (named su) into /usr/bin

By the way, I'm just using this temporarily, to test out a few things.. Soon we'll get sudo.

added code tags for readability --oombera

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su-to-root(1)						      Debian GNU/Linux manual						     su-to-root(1)

su-to-root - A simple script to give an `interactive' front-end to su. It can be used in menu entry commands to ask for the root password SYNOPSIS
su-to-root [-X] [-p <user>] -c <command> DESCRIPTION
Most menu entries simply start an editor or a game or whatever. But some menu entries would like to give the user the ability to change important settings in the system, that require root privileges. su-to-root can be used to ask for the root password. OPTIONS
-c <command> The command to execute as a string. This option is mandatory. -p <user> The name of the user to change to, instead of root. -X The command is a X11 program that does not require a terminal. This is to be used with menu entries that declare needs="X11". ENVIRONMENT
SU_TO_ROOT_X Select the su-like program called by su-to-root -X. Supported values are gksu, kdesu, kde4su, ktsuss, sux, gksudo and kdesudo. kde4su denotes the KDE4 version of kdesu. When this variable is not set su-to-root will currently try to use gksu, kdesu, kde4su, ktsuss, sux and the built-in code, in that order with the exception that under a KDE session, kdesu and kde4su are prefered over gksu. The exact set of programs to try and their order is subject to change without notice. SU_TO_ROOT_SU Select the su-like program used in text mode. Supported values are sudo, sux and su, the later being the default. FILES
/etc/su-to-rootrc ~/.su-to-rootrc su-to-root will source these files at startup in this order. This lets you define and modify the environment variables above without restarting your X session. COPYING
su-to-root is distributed under the GNU General Public License. (GPL 2.0 or greater). AUTHORS
Joost Witteveen <> X11 support by Morten Brix Pedersen and Bill Allombert <> SEE ALSO
update-menus(1), menufile(5), /usr/share/doc/menu/html Debian Project 20 October 1998 su-to-root(1)

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