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Old 08-13-2008
mount points


I believe a mount point does not have to be a physical disk, but rather a logical one? Is this correct? if so, how can I find out if my mount points are on different physical disks?

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Old 08-13-2008
cat /proc/partitions

This will show all your physical partitions. Smilie

- nilesh
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Old 08-13-2008
I do not have that on my system.

is there not a way to find out by using some unix command?
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Old 08-13-2008
Knowing which OS you use can help us.
If you use a LVM you always create a FS on a Logical Volume which is part of a Volume Group for example. The Physical Volume beneath the VG can be logical or physical.

If you are not using a LVM, you can check maybe with fdisk or cfdisk, what is going on.

There must be something grouping your physical disks at least to make it a logical disk, presenting some volume that you can partition and put a FS with a mountpoint onto it, wether with LVM or without.
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Old 08-13-2008
definition: mount point is the location in the operating system's directory structure where a mounted file system appears
You can try:

df - with no arguments

or editing /etc/mnttab or /etc/fstab(does not necessarily show mounted disks)

mountpoints look like /somedir/anotherdir instead of /somedir
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Old 08-13-2008
hi guys,

thanks for your responses. I am using HP-UX.

basically, are you guys saying that multiple hard drived can be mounted as one hard drive on the machine? if so, say we have two hard disks and they're both mounted as /home, and then I read stuff from /home, and some of the stuff is on hard disk 1, some on hard disk 2. because I have two disk heads, does this mean my operation will happen faster than if I just had /home on one disk?
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Old 08-13-2008
Read about Storage Area Networks, disk arrays here:
Storage area network - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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