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install broadband connection on red hat?

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Top Forums UNIX for Advanced & Expert Users install broadband connection on red hat?
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Old 08-08-2008
install broadband connection on red hat?

hi ,
i m new to linux ,
i have adsl modem , and i have two os on my machine windows and redhat
. i install pppoe (broadband ) on windows , but i don't know how i install broadband on redhat .

plz if u are confirm then tell me the solution because already i dump my one adsl modem , because i do sme wrong configuration in settings of modem .

i hope you get my question

so plz tell me if u know .

thanx in advance

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KERNEL-INSTALL(8)						  kernel-install						 KERNEL-INSTALL(8)

kernel-install - Add and remove kernel and initramfs images to and from /boot SYNOPSIS
kernel-install is used to install and remove kernel and initramfs images to and from /boot. kernel-install will execute the files located in the directory /usr/lib/kernel/install.d/ and the local administration directory /etc/kernel/install.d/. All files are collectively sorted and executed in lexical order, regardless of the directory in which they live. However, files with identical filenames replace each other. Files in /etc/kernel/install.d/ take precedence over files with the same name in /usr/lib/kernel/install.d/. This can be used to override a system-supplied executables with a local file if needed; a symbolic link in /etc/kernel/install.d/ with the same name as an executable in /usr/lib/kernel/install.d/, pointing to /dev/null, disables the executable entirely. Executables must have the extension ".install"; other extensions are ignored. An executable should return 0 on success. It may also return 77 to cause the whole operation to terminate (executables later in lexical order will be skipped). COMMANDS
The following commands are understood: add KERNEL-VERSION KERNEL-IMAGE kernel-install creates the directory /boot/MACHINE-ID/KERNEL-VERSION/ and calls executables from /usr/lib/kernel/install.d/*.install and /etc/kernel/install.d/*.install with the arguments add KERNEL-VERSION /boot/MACHINE-ID/KERNEL-VERSION/ KERNEL-IMAGE The kernel-install plugin 50-depmod.install runs depmod for the KERNEL-VERSION. The kernel-install plugin 90-loaderentry.install copies KERNEL-IMAGE to /boot/MACHINE-ID/KERNEL-VERSION/linux. It also creates a boot loader entry according to the boot loader specification in /boot/loader/entries/MACHINE-ID-KERNEL-VERSION.conf. The title of the entry is the PRETTY_NAME parameter specified in /etc/os-release or /usr/lib/os-release (if the former is missing), or "Linux KERNEL-VERSION", if unset. If the file initrd is found next to the linux file, the initrd will be added to the configuration. remove KERNEL-VERSION Calls executables from /usr/lib/kernel/install.d/*.install and /etc/kernel/install.d/*.install with the arguments remove KERNEL-VERSION /boot/MACHINE-ID/KERNEL-VERSION/ kernel-install removes the entire directory /boot/MACHINE-ID/KERNEL-VERSION/ afterwards. The kernel-install plugin 90-loaderentry.install removes the file /boot/loader/entries/MACHINE-ID-KERNEL-VERSION.conf. EXIT STATUS
If every executable returns 0 or 77, 0 is returned, and a non-zero failure code otherwise. FILES
/usr/lib/kernel/install.d/*.install /etc/kernel/install.d/*.install Drop-in files which are executed by kernel-install. /etc/kernel/cmdline /proc/cmdline The content of the file /etc/kernel/cmdline specifies the kernel command line to use. If that file does not exist, /proc/cmdline is used. /etc/machine-id The content of the file specifies the machine identification MACHINE-ID. /etc/os-release /usr/lib/os-release The content of the file specifies the operating system title PRETTY_NAME. SEE ALSO
machine-id(5), os-release(5), Boot loader specification[1] NOTES
1. Boot loader specification systemd 237 KERNEL-INSTALL(8)

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