Solaris Server Crash

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Old 08-15-2002
Solaris Server Crash

We have had a server (Solaris 2.6) hardisk crash. When booting the server we get:

ok> boot -S
Boot Device: /sbus/espdmc@e, 8400000/esp@e,8800000/sd@0,0
short read 0x2000 chars read
disk read error

The only way we can get into the console is to
ok> boot cdrom
whereby everything (e.g. /mnt) is read-only.
It seems the /devices are not mounting due to the kernal reading a faulty block upon normal startup (I assume the block holding the kernal is ok, because we can boot the cd-rom).
We've also tried fsck, but no luck as the block in question is not mounted.

Do we fear the worst and look to re-install the OS?
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Old 08-15-2002
Since the disk will not boot into single user, you must boot cdrom into single user.

ok boot cdrom -s

Once you are at the # prompt - run fsck -y against all your drives.
If you don't know them all, you can run the format command to list them.

If you still can't boot off the drive after that, the only option is rebuild UNLESS you were using some sort of disk manager program (like DiskSuite which come free with Solaris 2.6). If you had a mirror of the drive, then you might be okay. There are procedures to boot off the other drive.

Or, if you have a ufsdump or other backup of the drive, then you can replace the drive, boot cdrom -s, and restore the new drive to be like the old - if you need that procedure you should be able to find it on Sunsolve.
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Old 08-16-2002
I'll look into this - thanks! Smilie
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Old 09-03-2002
tape backup or network restore???

Do you have any tape backups of the OS?

Or an alternate network boot image that you can get to through the network. You may have to boot the CD and then start an install and select an option for network restore or from a network tape or Silo backup???

Breen is correct that maybe your mirror disk might be good or if you have an ALT Boot path. All my servers have a PRI and ALT boot path.

Kelam *crosses his fingers*

My brain is your brain...

Smilie Smilie
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