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How Do I rename a unix file contianing spacing?

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Top Forums UNIX for Advanced & Expert Users How Do I rename a unix file contianing spacing?
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Old 08-20-2002
try "... \ ... " (backslash and space) if u write the filename... Surround the names with `...` or "..."

or just use zsh with autoexpand and autolist features if you have trouble with spec. chars in names of files etc.
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ECACCESS-FILE-MOVE(1p)					User Contributed Perl Documentation				    ECACCESS-FILE-MOVE(1p)

ecaccess-file-move - Move or Rename ECaccess Files SYNOPSIS
ecaccess-file-move -version|-help|-manual ecaccess-file-move [-debug] source-ecaccess-file target-ecaccess-file DESCRIPTION
Allow moving an ECaccess File. When the move occurs within the same ECaccess File System then it is a rename. When the move occurs across two different ECaccess File Systems then first a copy is done and then a delete of the original file is done (e.g. similar to ecaccess- file-copy ... -erase). The source-ecaccess-file and target-ecaccess-file are in the form [domain:][/user-id/]path. Please read the "Shell commands -> File Management" section of the "ecaccess" guide for more information on the ECaccess File System. ARGUMENTS
source-ecaccess-file The source ECaccess File name. target-ecaccess-file The target ECaccess File name. OPTIONS
-version Display version number and exits. -help Print a brief help message and exits. -manual Prints the manual page and exits. -debug Display the SOAP messages exchanged. EXAMPLES
ecaccess-file-move ec:test1.txt ec:test2.txt Rename the test1.txt file in the ECFS directory of the authenticated user in test2.txt. ecaccess-file-move ec:test1.txt home:test2.txt Copy the test1.txt file from the ECFS directory of the authenticated user to the test2.txt file in the $HOME directory of the authenticated user, then delete the test1.txt file from ECFS. SEE ALSO
ecaccess-file-delete, ecaccess-file-get, ecaccess-file-mget, ecaccess-file-modtime, ecaccess-file-mput, ecaccess-file-rmdir, ecaccess-file- copy, ecaccess-file-dir, ecaccess-file-mdelete, ecaccess-file-mkdir, ecaccess-file-chmod, ecaccess-file-put, ecaccess-file-size and ecaccess. perl v5.14.2 2012-04-16 ECACCESS-FILE-MOVE(1p)

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