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Old 07-31-2002
Tools Iplanet Error

I have iplanet6.0 sp1 installed on a Sunfire 280r which is running Solaris 8. On boot up I get the following message 'Failed to create psetHandle for cn=' the error code is 2.
Iplanet appears to function as normal but can anyone enlighten me as to what this means.

many thanks
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Old 07-31-2002
Found the error on SunSolve (Bug) - nothing mentioned about IPlanet -

Short Description - LDAP server identifier name cannot have "." in it.
Long Description - IHAC a customer who complained that she gets a funny
message when she does a
"start-admin" if she uses "." in her server identifier name for NDS 4.0 eg.

I was able to replicate it on NDS 4.1 and this is the error message:

Info: Cache expiration set to 600 seconds
AdmInit: Failed to create psetHandle for cn=slapd-rojak, cn=Netscape Directory

Server, cn=Server Group, cn=rojak.netscape.com, ou=netscape.com, o=NetscapeRoot

(error code = 2)
Netscape-Administrator/4.1 B99.143.1956
startup: listening to http://rojak, port 55555 as root
warning: daemon is running as super-user

I had created a NDS instance with the server identifier name "rojak.mcom.com".

The "<server root>/slapd-rojak.mcom.com" directory did appear. I was able to
administrate it via Netscape Console and also managed to remove it
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Old 07-31-2002

thanks for that Smilie
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