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Old 06-28-2002
Sun Booting problem

I was trying to test run a /bin/bash script i had just written when my monitor suddenly went blank.I had to shut down the machine from the systems main power. I was unable to boot afterwards and soo i went for the interactive boot process by typing boot -a.
I succeded in the first stage of the Interactive boot procedure; "Enter filename..etc" but when i got to the second stage; "Name of default directory for modules.....", i got the error message below;
boot: cannot find misc/krtld
boot: error loading interpreter (misc/krtld)

I use a Sun Enterprise 220R system that runs solaris 2.6. My uname -m is sun4u, it's a sun ultra system ( boot PROM 3).

nb: when i go to ok prompt and i type "printenv boot-file", it prints ; boot-file =
Nothing more.

Please i need to know what is causing this error message and how i can rectify it.

Please i need a really urgent response.
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Old 06-28-2002
Suggest you boot cdrom -s and attempt fsck on all your normal partitions (/dev/rdsk/cXtXdX).

But, if you are just looking for what the boot-file should be:

How do I configure the system to boot a 32-bit kernel?
If the Ultra machine meets the hardware and software requirements for 64-bit boot, the boot-file variable must be set to kernel/unix. If not, then the machine will boot 64-bit. The boot-file variable can be set by either the Solaris eeprom command or the OBP setenv command.

eeprom: Login as root and use the eeprom command to set the boot-file parameter to the 32-bit kernel:

# /usr/sbin/eeprom boot-file="kernel/unix"
The next system reboot will boot the 32-bit kernel.

setenv: From the system's OBP OK> prompt, use the setenv command to set the boot-file parameter to the 32-bit kernel:

OK> setenv boot-file kernel/unix

It doesn't matter that you aren't running a 64-bit kernel - to boot it as 32 the boot-file can be empty on Solaris 2.6 - but since you asked, that is what goes in there "kernel/unix".

As far as the error you received - found the following bug reports on Sunsolve:
1. boot: error loading interpreter (misc/krtld)
Bug Reports: 4638108 6%
15 Feb 2002
2. X86 fails installation when "/" is partitioned to be bigger than 1024 cylinders
Bug Reports: 1259819 3%
25 Oct 1996
3. Reconfiguration didn't success after a stop A
Bug Reports: 4398062 3%
11 Jul 2001

None of them had a work around.
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