Is this strange or am I missing something.

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Top Forums UNIX for Advanced & Expert Users Is this strange or am I missing something.
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Is this strange or am I missing something.

Hey Guys,
Saw something weird today on the unix server. I got a normal access (non-root) to a new server.

But when I had a look at the /etc/passwd file, it did not contain my login id.

Atleast this is the first time I saw it ever happening.Has anyone come across such a situation and does anyone know why this could be the case.

Please note: I can login to the server as a normal user.
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Does it have NIS? This would be indicated with a line starting with a plus in the passwd file.
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cat /etc/nsswitch.conf

You are probably using ldap or nis or something like that.
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It does have a NIS. In this case, where is the user information stored..? Is there some other file similar to passwd file in /etc.

Thanks for all your replies..!
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