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linux reverse page order+duplex is not working

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linux reverse page order+duplex is not working

hi all,

i have a postscript file with duplex print commands. When i print it with
lpr command it prints in duplex.

lpr -pprintername

but when i try to print the pages in reverse order with -outputorder=reverse
it is not printing in reverse order (but pages are prited in duplex since PS file has duplex commands)

lpr -pprintername -o outputorder=reverse

again i tried to print a postscript file without duplex commands and with outputorder=reverse option. Now pages are printed in reverse order.

So the problem is whenever the PS file has duplex commands outputorder=reverse option doesnt work for me.

Kindly suggest me a solution .....

Thanks and Regards,
uttam hoode

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postreverse(1)							   User Commands						    postreverse(1)

postreverse - reverse the page order in a PostScript file SYNOPSIS
postreverse [-o list] [-r] [file] /usr/lib/lp/postscript/postreverse DESCRIPTION
The postreverse filter reverses the page order in files that conform to Adobe's Version 1.0 or Version 2.0 file structuring conventions, and writes the results on the standard output. Only one input file is allowed and if no file is specified, the standard input is read. The postreverse filter can handle a limited class of files that violate page independence, provided all global definitions are bracketed by %%BeginGlobal and %%EndGlobal comments. In addition, files that mark the end of each page with %%EndPage: label ordinal comments will also reverse properly, provided the prologue and trailer sections can be located. If postreverse fails to find an %%EndProlog or %%EndSetup com- ment, the entire file is copied, unmodified, to the standard output. Because global definitions are extracted from individual pages and put in the prologue, the output file can be minimally conforming, even if the input file was not. OPTIONS
-o list Select pages whose numbers are given in the comma-separated list. The list contains single numbers N and ranges N1 - N2. A missing N1 means the lowest numbered page, a missing N2 means the highest. The page range is an expression of logical pages rather than physical sheets of paper. For example, if you are printing two logical pages to a sheet, and you specified a range of 4, then two sheets of paper would print, containing four page layouts. If you specified a page range of 3-4, when requesting two logical pages to a sheet; then only page 3 and page 4 layouts would print, and they would appear on one physical sheet of paper. -r Do not reverse the pages in file. EXAMPLES
Example 1: Examples of postreverse. o select pages 1 to 100 from file and reverse the pages: example% postreverse -o1-100 file To print four logical pages on each physical page and reverse all the pages: example% postprint -n4 file | postreverse To produce a minimally conforming file from output generated by dpost without reversing the pages: example% dpost file | postreverse -r EXIT STATUS
The following exit values are returned: 0 Successful completion. non-zero An error occurred. ATTRIBUTES
See attributes(5) for descriptions of the following attributes: +-----------------------------+-----------------------------+ | ATTRIBUTE TYPE | ATTRIBUTE VALUE | +-----------------------------+-----------------------------+ |Availability |SUNWpsf | +-----------------------------+-----------------------------+ SEE ALSO
download(1), dpost(1), postdaisy(1), postdmd(1), postio(1), postmd(1), postprint(1), posttek(1), attributes(5) NOTES
No attempt has been made to deal with redefinitions of global variables or procedures. If standard input is used, the input file will be read three times before being reversed. SunOS 5.10 9 Sep 1996 postreverse(1)

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