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Driver Installation in SunOS 5.8

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Old 06-11-2002
Driver Installation in SunOS 5.8

I have written and compiled successfully, a device driver code for SunOS 5.8 but on issusing add_drv command, it gives me the following error :

# add_drv test
devfsadm: driver failed to attach: test
Warning: Driver (test) successfully added to system but failed to attach

Thanks in advance to anyone who provides me a solution for this. I am really in dead need of it.
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Old 06-11-2002
how if

# add_drv -m '* 0666 bin bin','a 0644 root sys' \ - i 'test,alias' -b /tmp/root/test\ test,device

give a try. I do suspect the situation you are facing is within the file/system permission that kicks you on beyond attaching what you have written. Also have you copied the driver too /usr/kernel/drv ?
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Old 06-11-2002
Yes we do have copied the driver executable in /usr/kernel/drv directory.

When we issued the following command :

# add_drv -m '* 0666 bin bin','a 0644 root sys' - i 'test,alias' -b /tmp/root/test test,device

it gave us the following error message :

Failed to create lock file.
: No such file or directory

Kindly provide us an solution to it.

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