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Old 06-10-2002
Question Swap modification

How can i modify (expand) the swap memory (Sco Enterprise 5.0.5) using the swap command...? The excisting swap is 512 and i want to increase it to 1024...?

Thanx in advance
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Old 06-10-2002
How can i modify (expand) the swap memory (Sco Enterprise 5.0.5) using the swap command...?
See this link - read the man page on swap . It explains that when using a file (which you can do ) you tell it the file (on a filesystem that can afford to have a swap file on it (enough space, not being used by applications heavily)) and the length.
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Old 06-11-2002
On OpenServer Release 5, you can add swap space in the form of a file on one of your filesystems. You use the swap command:

/etc/swap -a swapdev [ [ swaplo ] swaplen ]
/etc/swap -d swapdev [ swaplo ]

and the added swap space does not become permanent unless you add it to a startup file. I have no benchmarks on this, but I'd expect that swapping to a file is at least a bit slower than swapping to a dedicated swap division.

The second approach will work on any SCO operating system, but will require downtime and probably a backup/restore. You can bring the system up from emergency boot diskettes (or from the distribution media; instructions are elsewhere in the FAQ) and adjust your drive's division table. However, in order to adjust the size of a filesystem or swap device, you must delete it and recreate it, so if you need to take space from a filesystem to add it to swap, you will need to backup that filesystem and restore it later.

*Take Note [From MAN Page]:
- a
Add the swap area specified by swapdev.

swapdev is the name of the block special device, for example, /dev/dsk/1s0, or the pathname of a regular file. If it is a regular file, swap uses jer(ADM) to create a block special device below /dev/jer that is associated with the regular file.

swaplo is the offset as a number of 512-byte blocks into the device or file where the swap area should begin (default is 0). swaplo may be used to assign a swap area on the same disk partition as a mounted filesystem, but starting above that filesystem. If you specify swaplo, you must also specify swaplen.

swaplen is the length of the swap area as a number of 512-byte blocks (the default 0 uses the full extent of the device or file). A regular file used as a swap area will grow as required to the size imposed by swaplen if there is free space in the filesystem; otherwise, the file will not be extended.
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