better format for sending mail

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Old 05-16-2008
better format for sending mail

i am using a script to create a file which contains the mail to be every steo this file grts appended through out the script using several i want to convert it into html format so that the mail will have better look and feel and the font color and size can be changed.
i tried using enscript but its not working.i am using there any way to change the contant of a file (say xyz.txt to xyz.html)
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Old 05-16-2008
Are you asking about how to convert text to HTML, or how to properly send an HTML file?

The proper way to send HTML is to use MIME to tag it as Content-Type: text/html (instead of the default text/plain).

Many services send a Content-Type: multipart/alternative with the same content in both text/html and text/plain so that it will fall back to plain text for users who cannot or don't want to receive HTML in email. (It's a security issue, for one thing.)
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Old 05-16-2008
first i want to convert the txt file to html format then i want to send it.
the contants of the file is in text format.i need to add html tags into this.than using mime i can send.the body of the mail should be in html format and contents should be same as that in the txt file.
if u can write a sample script to do this it wud be gr8
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Old 05-16-2008
Without knowledge of the contents your file I can hardly be expected to produce anything better than <pre> and </pre> tags around the tired old text, which is hardly useful. But once you come up with a way to transform your file into useful HTML, the mail section of the FAQ forum contains a thread with a MIME mailing script (although I suppose it could be marked more clearly).
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