Recovery on solaris 2.6

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Old 05-15-2002
Recovery on solaris 2.6

I backed up savesets of my mailserver which is an nsr client to my nsr server, another remote system. I use solstice backup 5.5.1 and a 4.4 mm tape drive.
My mailserver developed some problems a while ago and i had to reformat and reinstall the O/S and mailserver software.
Now i want to recover important savesets unto my mailserver.My question has two scenarios, Here are the steps i took below;
1. On my nwadmin gui screen, i click on "save set" on the menu
2. I click on "recover" and this brings me to the "save set recover" window
3. I have all my nsr clients save sets listed under Save Set in the dialog window. I have /disk1/nsr/index/mailserver for my mailserver client. I click on it.
4. When i did that, i had Instances of it shown in the lower part of the dialog window.I highlight the most recent instance and then clicked on "details", and it gave me some details on it like the name,date .....volumes.
5. I also noticed i had an option to recover this.

Then the second case

1.In the same "Save Set recover" dialog box, i see "bootstrap" under "Save Set".
2. I highlight it, and see a list of instances below, in the same dialog window.
3. The instances show me various dates,level,Size and Status but when i try to check for details of any, it brings up an error message saying "Couldnt get Save Set or Volume info" . Note: i dont have my tapes in jukebox at that time.

Now my question really is this, which of the two am i supposed to use for my save sets recovery operation and why do i get that error under bootstrap?

Please i need an urgent reply, thank you.

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Old 05-15-2002
I ran nwadmin the way you explained and came up with the following description under bootstrap:

name: bootstrap
date: 05/15/02 05:18:48
files: 7
ssid: 3794270209
size: 116 MB
pool: CLONE
status: recoverable cloned05/15/02 11:52:46
volumes: 001670 forward

Also, you only see the bootstrap option on the client that also is the Networker server - all my other clients did not have this option in the SaveSetRecover/SaveSet portion of the window.

You should be getting your files back from the save sets - not the bootstrap. And you might want to use nwrecover instead (/usr/bin/nsr/nwrecover) from the client.
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Old 05-16-2002
solstice recover

I tried /usr/bin/nsr/nwrecover from my nsr client but it didnt bring up the usual didnt do anything , i thought it was taking time to open the wndow but it never did, it was as though it hung.
But eventually it bought out an error message;

nwrecover: cannot start session with server "nsr server hostname" Remote address unknown : Remote system error - no route to host.
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Old 05-16-2002
Can you ping the client from the server?
Can you ping the server from the client?
Can you telnet from one to the other?

The error you received is telling you there is something wrong with the path between the server and the client.

Did you change the hostname or IP of the client or server during the rebuild of the client?

Since the nwrecover did not work from the client, the restore option from the server will not work either. Get to the point where both systems see each other (you can ping both ways), both have the Solstice Backup software set up correctly, both have the correct information in /etc/hosts (with nsrhost defined), and then try nwrecover again.
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Old 05-16-2002
For Networker problems try their TechDialog

You can put your error message in and get help/suggestions.
You might try the "Remote address unknown : Remote system error - no route to host" as they give back some good suggestions - pick the first and then the TCP/IP Networking Troubleshooting Guide.

This is the link
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Old 05-17-2002
Bug Re: Recover

I finally got the nwrecover running on my client. I got the gui screen up.
In the window, i realised i had option of selecting any file/folder that i wanted for recover. Soo i marked my var/spool/<and some specific folders i wanted to retreive eg mailbox>.
I then asked it to start.
In the Recover Status window, the error message i got can be seen below;

Recovering 96 files into their original locations
Total estimated disk space needed for recover is 253 KB.

Volumes needed (all off-line):
Requesting 96 file(s), this may take a while...

Now the above message took forever. Nothing happened.

Meanwhile on the nsr server, i had mounted the tape on which i beleive the files to be retreived were. I used nwadmin gui
->media->volume to find this out. The tape was actually Tape.0.2 but you will notice from the error message above that the tape it was searching in is Tape.0.1

My questions are these;
1. Am i retreiving my files/save sets directly from the tapes or are there some stored volumes on the nsr server that i should be retreiving from?
2. and if i am retreiving from tape, where do i mount from? nwadmin on client or nwadmin on server?
3. Also, why am i having the problem i described above?
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Old 05-21-2002
My questions are these;
1. Am i retreiving my files/save sets directly from the tapes or are there some stored volumes on the nsr server that i should be retreiving from?
2. and if i am retreiving from tape, where do i mount from? nwadmin on client or nwadmin on server?
3. Also, why am i having the problem i described above?
You would be retreiving from tape not from disk on the server.

Mount the tape on the server - it will do the rest.

You need the tape it asked for - tape.0.1. Networker could have put some of those 96 files on that tape.
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