Howto upgrade AIX to Level Update 4320-02_AIX_ML

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Old 05-13-2002
Howto upgrade AIX to Level Update 4320-02_AIX_ML


Installing a new version of PROGRESS DB software 9.1c requires us to upgrade AIX to Level Update 4320-02_AIX_ML
( )

How would a do this savely.

This is what i have already.
1) take a system backup.
2) find the level we are on right now.
# instfix -i | grep AIX_ML
All filesets for were found.
All filesets for were found.
All filesets for were found.

So we are on level ( right ? )

3) go the IBM to get the patch

So i choose version 4 with fix 4320-02
and get 2 results back:

Now i can choose our AIX level = AIX 4.3.2
a fix server and a language.

What should i choose. Is the language important?

Thanks for any feedback
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Old 05-15-2002
Actually IBM do not offer this upgrade, you need to upgrade
to AIX

Take a good mksysb (2 copies) (and savevg 's if you have
more than one Volume Group _rootvg_) and the upgrade,
and if your DB support AIX 4330-10

take another mksysb and then
upgrade from AIX 4.3.30 to AIX 4330-10.

Note: you can check if the firmware is the actual firmware in:

Good luck. Hugo.
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