Courier IMAP to Dovecot Migration

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Old 03-03-2008
Courier IMAP to Dovecot Migration

Hi, I have done a very stupid thing. I have migrated from Courier IMAP and POP to Dovecot without reading about the migration process. ( I resolve not to repeat it again).
Now it has been 2 weeks. Webmail seems to work fine. I have problems with POP3.
POP3 clients don't remove messages from the server, and there are multiple download problems.
I just want to know, whether its now too late to do the migration of the index and control file used by Courier?

Thanks in advance.
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Old 03-03-2008
Ok, don't quote me, but I BELIEVE you should be ok to do so, however I think it would be best to make sure everyone's gone home for the day, just in case. Smilie I moved my company from pop3 to imap a while back, and ran into several issues with it, so I think you might be ok.
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Old 03-04-2008
Thanks for your reply Scine. I ran the migration script on one user's Maildir, but no luck.
Is the process for converting an IMAP user to POP3 is more then just deleting the IMAP account in the IMAP client and creating a POP3 account?
Sorry if I sound stupid.
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