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Old 02-23-2008

Is there ant way to increase max number of folders in the directory from the 32766:

Problem UFS:
shell>mkdir mmm

mkdir: mmm: Too many links
But there are no links, just folders.

shell>ls | wc -l

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Old 02-23-2008
A link can be a file too. The system call for rm is unlink(). When you see that message, among other things, it means you'll have really bad performance. Finding a file will take forever. Change the directory layout.

UNIX systems have different filesystems (software that manages files on a disk) on a single machine.

/etc/fstab will tell you which filesystem you have on the disk with your problem.
As a temporary fix, you'll have to start moving files off that directory to others.

What OS and filesystem is it?

Use df -i <directory> to see how many inodes are left in the filesystem. Just to be sure.

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Old 02-23-2008
This is well known information...
And I wrote that this is UFS...
I can not move files to another directory.
Anyway there is no normal method to change this parameter,
maximum 2^15 -1 -2 for "." and "..".
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Old 02-23-2008
Mirusnet, you're right, there's no normal way to change this param on UFS.

From the Sun manual -

The maximum number of subdirectories per directory in a UFS file system is 32,767. This limit is predefined and cannot be changed.
Although this is easily avoided by changing your approach to this issue; Unix file systems are not optimised for large numbers of files in directories (although this can be tweaked using tunefs), you will get much better performance by having a deeper structure rather than a flat one. Implement an index layer on top of your existing flat structure, go for a B+ tree type approach.

Hope this helps,

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