VERY confused about forking of child process

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Old 02-22-2008
ah, that helps! Thanks.

So it seems that if -f is not specified, and we run a shell script without the -f, then the child shell might end up overwriting the parents variables, like in my example! Now I have to find the equivalent for korn shell!

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EVCHILD(3)								 1								EVCHILD(3)

The EvChild class

EvChild watchers trigger when the process receives a SIGCHLD in response to some child status changes (most typically when a child dies or exits). It is permissible to install an EvChild watcher after the child has been forked(which implies it might have already exited), as long as the event loop isn't entered(or is continued from a watcher), i.e. forking and then immediately registering a watcher for the child is fine, but forking and registering a watcher a few event loop iterations later or in the next callback invocation is not. It is allowed to register EvChild watchers in the default loop only. CLASS SYNOPSIS
EvChild EvChildextends EvWatcher Properties o public$pid o public$rpid o public$rstatus Inherited properties o public$is_active o public$data o public$is_pending o public$priority Methods o public EvChild::__construct NULL (int $pid, bool $trace, callable $callback, [mixed $data], [int $priority]) o finalpublicstatic object EvChild::createStopped (int $pid, bool $trace, callable $callback, [mixed $data], [int $priority]) o public void EvChild::set (int $pid, bool $trace) Inherited methods o public int EvWatcher::clear (void ) o abstractpublic EvWatcher::__construct (void ) o public void EvWatcher::feed (int $revents) o public EvLoop EvWatcher::getLoop (void ) o public void EvWatcher::invoke (int $revents) o public bool EvWatcher::keepalive ([bool $value]) o public void EvWatcher::setCallback (callable $callback) o public void EvWatcher::start (void ) o public void EvWatcher::stop (void ) PROPERTIES
o $pid - Readonly . The process ID this watcher watches out for, or 0 , meaning any process ID. o $rpid - Readonly .The process ID that detected a status change. o $rstatus - Readonly . The process exit status caused by $rpid . PHP Documentation Group EVCHILD(3)