Magneto-Optical drive for SCO Openserver 5.0.5

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Question Magneto-Optical drive for SCO Openserver 5.0.5


I tried to install Magneto-Optical (MO) drive Fujutsu to COMPAQ Proliant ML350 with SCO Openserver 5.0.5. Harddisk and MO are connected to Adaptec UW-SCSI-3 (driver ad160).
During boot process system shows me that MO is connected to host adapter 1, bus 0, SCSI ID 1 and LUN 0. But when I tried use standard methods for installing it, such as mkdev hd, it is usually unsucsessful.

Who have any ideas about connecting Magneto-Optical drives for SCO Openserver?

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You can see the configured disks on a SCO system by examining /etc/conf/cf.d/mscsi or "hwconfig | grep disk". Scsi devices may be probed with "sconf -v' . Else try mkdev hd_iiop
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Could SCO Openserver work with block size 2048 on disk?

I have warning message that MO Disk has wrong block size 2048 bytes. When I tried to make filesystem on 230 Mb disk with block size 1024 bytes, operation was successful.

Have you any ideas about it?

Thank you for your advice.

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