Relation between kernel & weblogic thread

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Old 11-21-2007
Relation between kernel & weblogic thread

"nkthread" kernel parameter limits the number of threads running at any point of time from all processes.

Does the thread setting in "weblogic server" is in anyway related to this.

Please suggest.

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Old 11-22-2007
A simple search in google for
nkthread weblogic server
produced the following result in first place.

Help -

I'm not sure whether this link will answer your question or not...
but if you set "max_thread_proc" and "maxusers" to higher value it also increases nkthread limit.

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Old 11-22-2007
1. The kernel parameter will determine the system limite.

2. It will have no effect on weblogic if weblogic is using "green threads" ie, user threads.
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