sftping continously with out breaking the connection

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Old 11-08-2007
Question sftping continously with out breaking the connection real [emergency.......!!!!!!!!]

Hello Every one,

I have a situation where I want to sftp the files to third part server and I came up with below script where in I am using "expect" utility for sftping the files.

#!/usr/local/bin/expect --
set timeout 120
set password [lindex $argv 0]
set host [lindex $argv 1]
set username [lindex $argv 2]
set filename [lindex $argv 3]
spawn sftp $username@$host
expect -nocase password: {send "$password\r"}
expect "sftp>"
send "mput $filename\n"
expect "sftp>"
sleep 2
send "exit \n"

Here whats happens now...
every time there is a file my java code calls this script and sftps the files to remote server. As I have realized that trafic of files going out to the remote sever is very large and it is very expensive to open a new connection and sftp a small file and then closing a connection ; again opening a connection which is causing lots of performance issues.
Also I cannot keep connection active forever....

What I would like to happen is keep the connection active for lets see 1 hrs or some defined time and then keep using the same connection to sftping the files and whenever there is no connection avaliable make a new connection.

Is any one came across this kind of situation or any body can give more inputs on this one.


please this is real emergency.......!!!!!!!!

Last edited by nilesrex; 11-08-2007 at 11:29 PM.. Reason: please this is real emergency.......!!!!!!!!
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Old 11-08-2007
Originally Posted by nilesrex
please this is real emergency.......!!!!!!!!
Don't bother with "sftp", use "scp".
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Old 11-08-2007

Thanks Porter,

My real requirement is to use sftp as both parties have agreed to use both we are doing EDI transactions. Is there any thing which I can add to the script to make it continous....

even if i use scp i need to open a connection and close it....so I need a solution other than using scp iinstead sftp

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Old 11-08-2007
trivially you might think you want to do something like

     while true
         echo "mget blah.*"
        sleep 2

drive_sftp | sftp user@host

but that is not going to fly because there is no synchronisation between knowing when you have downloaded the files.

You would need to have a client program to sftp which will understand it's responses and connects to it's stdin/stdout and stderr.
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Old 11-08-2007
Hey Porter,

Actually I copied a incorrect thing I am sftping the files to end system. so it is MPUT so I have control with me for the files.

What I am thinking is whenever files are ready to be sftp'ed they will call this script and check if connection is active and if yes then do the sftp else open a new connection and send the files.... I agree there would be problems because of multithreading where connection can be a seamaphor or some thing however if I have some thing which I can modify and work on would be greate....

Today I did profiling of this processes what I have seen is at times I get 40 files in a min to do sftping... so it very bad that I open & close connections 40 times in a single min....

What do you think??


Last edited by nilesrex; 11-08-2007 at 11:53 PM.. Reason: MPUT....and not MGET sorry my mistake
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Old 11-09-2007
Originally Posted by nilesrex
What do you think??
How are they dealing with the files at the remote end, for example do they just look in a directory, if so how do they know the file is complete?

I can see what you are doing, with ftp/sftp what I suggest is you put the file up in one directory, then move it to another directory on the server once it's complete.

put file   in-transit/file
move in-transit/file ready/file

and rather than use mput, use put explicitly so you know what you are sending, and once you have sent the file, move it to a "sent" directory.

How are you going to handle the case where you start to send a file and the comms link drops half way through?

How are you going to avoid overwriting files on the server?
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Old 11-09-2007

Those are my concerns are .... I googled a lot to find out such a utility or script or program which would do this for me.....

Actually I can collect the bunch of file and send it to sftp server once but SLA is to send the files immedieatly....

I think there should be something out of the box functionality provided in some tool.....

I dont know how to proceed more on this one....

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