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UNIX; Compare two files

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Old Unix and Linux 11-06-2007
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UNIX; Compare two files

Hi Guys,

Requirement: Want to compare two files, if the the content of both files is same then show "Good result" else Show "Bad Result"[/B][/B]

I am using the following logic
if( cmp -s a b = 0 )

echo "Good result"
else echo "Bad result"
exit 0

But this is not working. FYI, the content of file is as shown below

Content of file a

0 TOTALS 8,325 17,887,904 13,907 163,243,465 1,306,821,707 10.9 %

Of file b
0 TOTALS 8,325 10,000,904 13,907 163,243,465 1,306,821,707 10.9 %

Since the 4th values in b is differnt so that output of If statement should be "Bad result"

It will be really great if someone can help me out with this.

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Old Unix and Linux 11-06-2007
porter porter is offline Forum Advisor  
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if diff fileOne fileTwo
       echo same
       echo different

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