Mandatory fileds in Bugzilla

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Old 10-18-2007
Mandatory fileds in Bugzilla


We need to configure some of the fileds in bugzilla like Platform,OS, Version etc are mandatory. Is it possible to set, if yes then how to configure.

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ksc - Linux kernel module source checker SYNOPSIS
ksc [ -d | --directory ] DIRECTORY ksc [ -k | --ko ] FILE OPTIONS
KSC accepts command-line arguments, and has both a long and short form usage. You can use either style or combine them to specify options. When the tool is run with kernel module sources it checks for all four architectures, and when run with binary kernel modules, it checks for the specific architecture for which the binary was built. Valid RHEL whitelist releases are rhel6.0, rhel6.1, rhel6.2, rhel6.3, rhel6.4 -h, --help show this help message and exit -c CONFIG, --config=CONFIG path to the local ksc.conf file. If not specified the tool tries to read from ~/ksc.conf and if that is also not found then from /etc/ksc.conf -d DIRECTORY, --directory=DIRECTORY path to the directory -i, --internal to create text files to be used internally. -k KO, --ko=KO path to the ko file. You should either use -d or -k to run the KSC tool, but not both. If both -d and -k option is used at the same time then only -d is used and the -k option is discarded. -n RELEASENAME, --name=RELEASENAME Red Hat release against which the bug is to be filed. Default value is 6.5 -p PREVIOUS, --previous=PREVIOUS path to the previous resultset file and submit it as a bug to Red Hat Bugzilla. -r RELEASE, --release=RELEASE RHEL whitelist release used for comparison -s, --submit Submits the report to the Red Hat bugzilla ( The credentials need to be in the /etc/ksc.conf file. The tool will prompt for bugzilla password. The configuration file looks like below: [bugzilla] partner=partner-name partnergroup=partner-group server= -v, --version Prints KSC version number ksc - Version 0.9.11 Feb 2014 KSC(1)