Interesting .. How do I handle this in Unix / Perl ?

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Old 10-11-2007
Interesting .. How do I handle this in Unix / Perl ?

This is how my input file is ( comma sepertated ):-

D,123,vvc,wwwew wdwe,hou,zip,77057,tel,832
D,222,abc,dsdsd wwew wdwe,ny,zip,77057

i.e It has lable record followed by the detail record, e.g for first set the id is 123, name is vvcm address is "wwwew wdwe"... however, measure_id_1 is "zip" and measrure_id_qty_1 is "77057" which means zip is 77057. similarily tel is 832.

Now the output I want is like this ...

123,vvc,wwwew wdwe,hou,77057,832,{NULL}
222,abc,dsdsd wwew wdwe,ny,77057,{NULL},{NULL}

what seems to be interesting is I do not have to scan for column headers in L record only but I need to scan the detail records also for the column headers ....

If anyone knows the solution either in shell,awk, perl .. anything is welcome ..

Thanks ...
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Regexp::Common::URI::tel(3)				User Contributed Perl Documentation			       Regexp::Common::URI::tel(3)

Regexp::Common::URI::tel -- Returns a pattern for telephone URIs. SYNOPSIS
use Regexp::Common qw /URI/; while (<>) { /$RE{URI}{tel}/ and print "Contains a telephone URI. "; } DESCRIPTION
$RE{URI}{tel} Returns a pattern that matches tel URIs, as defined by RFC 2806. Under "{-keep}", the following are returned: $1 The complete URI. $2 The scheme. $3 The phone number, including any possible add-ons like ISDN subaddress, a post dial part, area specifier, service provider, etc. $RE{URI}{tel}{nofuture} As above (including what's returned by "{-keep}"), with the exception that future extensions are not allowed. Without allowing those future extensions, it becomes much easier to check a URI if the correct syntax for post dial, service provider, phone context, etc has been used - otherwise the regex could always classify them as a future extension. REFERENCES
[RFC 1035] Mockapetris, P.: DOMAIN NAMES - IMPLEMENTATION AND SPECIFICATION. November 1987. [RFC 2396] Berners-Lee, Tim, Fielding, R., and Masinter, L.: Uniform Resource Identifiers (URI): Generic Syntax. August 1998. [RFC 2806] Vaha-Sipila, A.: URLs for Telephone Calls. April 2000. SEE ALSO
Regexp::Common::URI for other supported URIs. AUTHOR
Damian Conway ( MAINTAINANCE
This package is maintained by Abigail ( BUGS AND IRRITATIONS
Bound to be plenty. LICENSE and COPYRIGHT This software is Copyright (c) 2001 - 2009, Damian Conway and Abigail. This module is free software, and maybe used under any of the following licenses: 1) The Perl Artistic License. See the file COPYRIGHT.AL. 2) The Perl Artistic License 2.0. See the file COPYRIGHT.AL2. 3) The BSD Licence. See the file COPYRIGHT.BSD. 4) The MIT Licence. See the file COPYRIGHT.MIT. perl v5.16.2 2010-02-23 Regexp::Common::URI::tel(3)