dtdbcache failure

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Power dtdbcache failure


I'm using WRQ Reflections 12.0.6 on Windows XP to open a Xsession to HP 11.11 server. After providing password, the CDE window is displayed and then receive a "dtdbcache failure" message "Couldn't recreate the Desktop Actions/Datatypes Database. Check disk space and/or permissions." I can not go any further and have to close WRQ X Window Display Server altogether.
I was able to run this same Xsession to the server with no problem yesterday. Other co-workers are experiencing the same error that I'm receiving. While another co-worker that was getting the same error through Hummingbird Exceed, is now able to get in.
I'm clueless on what could be wrong, and haven't been able to find anything on the internet.
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sounds like the .dt profile was corrupted. that is the configuration file that has you desktop settings. ssh/telnet to the host and rename the .dt file to something else. Then try to launch your Xhost client. It should rebuilt it or grab a default one. You might loose your custom settings but you will have your X access back.
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That was it! I renamed .dtprofile and launch Xsession and it came up successfully. Thank you so much for your help!
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Re: dtdbcache failure -- still happening

I thought the problem was fixed, but unfortunately, not. Next time, I used that same Xsession, I received the error again. So, I removed .dtprofile, and tried again. But, this time it isn't working like the first try. I'm still getting the same error.
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