sed problem any on help

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sed problem any on help

when I execute the following expression
the sed don't work and the system don't give any error....why

if [ $d1=$d2]
echo "hi"
echo "$f"|sed -e 's/'"$g"'/'"$j"'/' -e 's/'"$b"'/'"$a"'/'>>file1
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what is that you are trying to achieve ?

Is the ' if ' condition set to true such that sed is getting executed ?

Could you give us an example on sample input and output ? Smilie
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Well, if g,j,b,a are having some values assigned, then your sed statements looks good to me, the output should be in the file1.

And if g,j,b,a are not having any value assined, you should get an error message like this
.. no previous regular expression

Your way of replacement is also correct, no issues.
So best will be, if you provide some more inputs to us, as matrixmadhan stated.

[jsaikia] ~ $ g="jadu";j="JADU";b="saikia";a="SAIKIA";echo jadusaikia|sed -e 's/'"$g"'/'"$j"'/' -e 's/'"$b"'/'"$a"'/'

[jsaikia] ~ $ g="jadu";j="JADU";b="saikia";a="SAIKIA";echo jadusaikia|sed -e "s/$g/$j/" -e "s/$b/$a/"
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hi every body
i have tow files I want to take some variable from one and replace it to the second So jaduks is right for g,j,b,a are having some values assigned

look for the example:
first file is:-

065898725 2564 26548 2654

the second file is:-

so the second file is tap of data and I want to mak some change onit
by extracte spesifc part from the second file and make sume matmatical operations and then replace the result with the way I show you.

so I was confirm or trace every states so no problem except the sed command not work and not give any message

so into the program I but before the sed command echo "hi" to just conferm

so can any help

thanks in advance
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Thank Every Body

the problem solved

thanks every body
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