any one help

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any one help

how can i run sql patch from unix shell like this:

sql "to log in sql"
update table1 set flag=1 where stat=1;
exit "to exit from sql"

I want to run it on the crontab but on this way it didnt work
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how about (say sqlplus was the sql program)

sqlplus ..... <<EOF
update .......;
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thanks porter
but how can i switch the user on the unix scrip with intering the user name and the password

thanks in advance

# 4  
I thought you would have the user and password on the command line for sql[plus] (is it oracle?).
# 5  
look porter
our system (unix) is directly enter to sql by typing just the word "sql"
but I think if the system need from me the pass and the user mane I have to do that: sqlplus username/pass@login

is that right?
so no problem now for me because the script ran successfuly thanks porter

but I face this problem when I want to switch the user on unix how can do that
how can I give the system the user name and the pass through the script file

again thanks porter

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