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%device line change

Hello and thank you in advance for any assistance.
Working with SCO 5.0.5 our SCSI tape device is no longer working.
Before we replace the unit I want to verify it's not related to a change
someone may have made via mkdev tape.

For years the boot message would list the tape device as this:
%device - - - COMPAQ SDT-10000 (0,0,6,0)

I notice now it shows the this:
%device - - - COMPAQ SDT-10000 (1,0,6,0)

Additionally the line that used to show:
%Stp-0 - - - Vendor=COMPAQ Product=SDT-10000

no longer appears. What does the "1" in (1,0,6,0) refer to and how can I change it back to "0" ? ---thank you 1 and all
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You didn't mention what changed on the server? New disk installed, new controller installed, patches installed, new SDT10000 driver installed...something caused the change.

Taking a guess, I would assume that the controller use to be 0 and now is 1
(0,0,6,0) versus (1,0,6,0) - you should still be able to access the tape drive - just have to find the correct device. What did you use to use to access the drive before? Try changing the device from 0 to 1 in those commands.
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