Pro*C Update not working from Crontab

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Data Pro*C Update not working from Crontab

Dear All,

I have writen a Pro*c program that does a data base select,insert,update statements and I have scheduled the program to run from crontab,

It is runing fine for the select insert and commit statement till it reaches the update statement , it throws the following error:

SQL On IPB Account 239907203 - Bill 2411212954

Oracle error, sqlstate is

Error occured. sqlcode = -3114
message = ORA-03114: not connected to ORACLE

Last SQL statement: update ipb_fix_batch_err_t e set e.STATUS=3,e.e_date=:b0 where (e.bil

At or near line number 2096

Cursor Cache Statistics
Maximum value of MAXOPENCURSORS: 10
Maximum open cursors required: 10
Current number of open cursors: 10
Number of cache reassignments: 7
Number of SQL statement parses: 17
Number of SQL statement executions: 21

If I run the program from the command line it runs fine,

Please can any one help me in this, it is so urgent

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Sounds like the problem of 99% of cron jobs, not having the environment set up.
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Any Suggustion

Any suggestion which environment variable may be missing?
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