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Old 01-08-2002

Hi All,

I just given $rm abc.pc, I don't have backup also.
is there any way to recover?

thanks in advance

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Old 01-08-2002
U have done the same that i have done last week..

This is what I had done that time.. may be it helps you.........

well certainly there appears to be no way to retrieve exactly the same deleted file. So, all I could do is look for the file in


that is where VI stores the open files when the session is suddenly terminated. And luckily I found a recent version of my deleted file there...

Wish you all the best.. Smilie
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Old 01-08-2002
Just to add on, the path where vi stores open files could vary across flavors, so try vi -r instead. Hope this works out! Smilie

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Old 01-08-2002
Well, there IS a slight chance to recover a text file, provided that the universe will cease to exist if the file goes missing tomorrow morning. Otherwise it isn't worth the trouble, resources... If you are dead set on recovering it (or part of it, depending on how much disk activity is occuring - it may already be allocating the space to new files), check here:
(I think that's the link. Our web-proxy here at work now classifies fish.com as "entertainment", so it's off-limits, even at 2:15 AM, and I'm not about to push the net-admin by circumventing it...)

Anyways, good luck!
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