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Setting the default shell without using chsh

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Top Forums UNIX for Advanced & Expert Users Setting the default shell without using chsh
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Setting the default shell without using chsh

I have tcsh being set as the default shell.I would like to change to ksh.

But i dont have "chsh" on my solaris i added the following code to my ~/.login file

if ( -f /usr/bin/ksh) then
setenv SHELL /usr/bin/ksh
exec /usr/bin/ksh

But this helps me to get the ksh,i doesnot seems to execute ~/.profile & ~/.kshrc files.

Note : I have added the ENV=~/.kshrc;export ENV line to my ~/.profile.

Please provide me your suggestions.

Nagarajan Ganesan
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What is your OS ? On Solaris for example you can use "passwd -e" - will change the shell.
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Changing the default shell

I use SCO Openserver 5, and when I create a new user, the OS creates
an entry in the file /etc/passwd, which states what the default shell is.

Read up on adduser, and the passwd file, if your OS is similar!
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Changing shell passwd -e

Hi All,
I tried to use passwd -e & ypasswd -e but it doesnot allows me to change the shell(Permission denied).

Adding the below code to ~/.login file (My default shell is /usr/bin/tcsh) helps to me to get the korn shell.

if ( -f /usr/bin/ksh) then
setenv SHELL /usr/bin/ksh
exec /usr/bin/ksh

Problem with this is it doesnot execute the ~/.profile.
Note: I don't have root access

Please provide in your thoughts.

Thanks in Advance,
Nagarajan G
# 5  
How to exec the shell.

HI All,
In my previous post i tried to exec the ksh,but it doesn't seems to execute the ~/.profile file.

Do we have any methods/options to exec so that we can tell the os to exec it as that of the login shell,thereby making the ksh to execute the ~/.profile .

Nagarajan Ganesan
# 6  
Setting the default shell

yes - all work must be done from "root".
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Please refrain from bumping your posts the rules do not allow this.

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