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Command equivalent to DOS mode for SCO 5.0.6

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Command equivalent to DOS mode for SCO 5.0.6

I need to set the serial port attributes to 9600,7,E,1 in order to read and write data to it from within a Foxpro program. Unfortunately there is no function in Foxpro to set the line attributes, only open. close read and write.
Stty only works on the stdout and stdin in this release, and the while the version of stty that comes with 5.0.7 will allow setting the speed of any serial port, it will not run under 5.0.6 because the dynamic link libraries are different.
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if memory serves, i think you can start with looking at the inittab settings (man inittab) and there is a place you can edit the terminal settings (but i do not remember what the config file is called, but it would be in the inittab man page or maybe getty man page)
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gettydefs ... Smilie just looked it up
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I know, but that (gettydefs and inittab) doesn't take effect until the port is enabled, and then getty steals the input, and ouputs a login prompt. Once the port is disabled its settings return to 9600,n,8,1.
The trick might be to find where the default settings are stored, I've looked in /etc/conf/ and its subdirectories to no avail.

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