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Old 12-27-2001
Computer Checking Multiple patches

Is there a way to script so you can check patches and output to a file? Example: 50 unix systems (versions 2.51, 2.60, 2.8) and check to see if one particular patch is installed? (ex. 106160-02)
I know the showrev -p will work, but I would like to automate it.

Hope Christmas was good!


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Old 01-04-2002
Sure - just put in a script what you would do manually Smilie
showrev -p |grep 106000-01 > /tmp/patchfile
showrev -p > /tmp/patchfile
and then do this via cron once a week, month, whatever. Mail the file to yourself or store all 50 systems patch info on one system where you can then compare all the patches on all the systems from one place.

Check out Patchcheck or Patchdiag (if it's still there) on Sunsolve. These may also help quite a bit.
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Old 01-06-2002

Thanks for replying!

After reading some manuals, (OMG!) I wrote a script which called system names from a file list and utilized the showrev -p |grep XXXX command and output to /tmp.

I like your way of doing it through mail and do appreciate your help!


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