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Help with SDD, SAN ESS and AIX 5.3 Host

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Old 04-18-2007
Help with SDD, SAN ESS and AIX 5.3 Host

Hi all,

Sorry if this is in the wrong place but needed to make sure lots of people saw this so that hopefully someone will be able to help.

Basically i've upgraded a test server from 4.3 to 5.3 TL04.

The server has hdisk0 and 1 as rootvg locally but then has another vg setup on our ESS 2105 SAN.

Once i had done this i've then set about upgrading the SDD software on the AIX box since it had devices.sdd.43.rte installed and needed devices.sdd.53.rte.

will doing this i have then also upgraded the ibm2105.rte host attachment script software from up to
also: devices.fcp.disk.ibm2105.rte from to
and devices.scsi.disk.ibm2105.rte from to

i followed the pdf's supplied by IBM regarding the upgrade process - unmounting filesystems on SAN, varyoff vg, rmdev on the vpaths and hdisks, running the upgrades, then cfgmgr the devices back.

However while i can get the vg online and mount the filesystems, view files etc etc the actual setup of the vpaths seems to have changed.

here is the lsvpcfg from before the upgrade of the SDD software:

vpath0 (Avail ) 10D23296 = hdisk5 (Avail pv ) hdisk68 (Avail pv )
vpath1 (Avail ) 20D23296 = hdisk6 (Avail pv ) hdisk72 (Avail pv )
vpath2 (Avail ) 30D23296 = hdisk7 (Avail pv ) hdisk76 (Avail pv )
vpath3 (Avail pv crm_train_vg) 00623296 = hdisk63 (Avail ) hdisk88 (Avail )
vpath4 (Avail pv crm_train_vg) 00723296 = hdisk64 (Avail ) hdisk89 (Avail )
vpath5 (Avail pv crm_train_vg) 00823296 = hdisk65 (Avail ) hdisk90 (Avail )
vpath6 (Avail pv crm_train_vg) 10723296 = hdisk66 (Avail ) hdisk91 (Avail )
vpath7 (Avail pv crm_train_vg) 10823296 = hdisk67 (Avail ) hdisk92 (Avail )
vpath8 (Avail pv crm_train_vg) 20723296 = hdisk69 (Avail ) hdisk93 (Avail )
vpath9 (Avail pv crm_train_vg) 20823296 = hdisk70 (Avail ) hdisk94 (Avail )
vpath10 (Avail pv crm_train_vg) 20923296 = hdisk71 (Avail ) hdisk95 (Avail )
vpath11 (Avail pv crm_train_vg) 30723296 = hdisk73 (Avail ) hdisk96 (Avail )
vpath12 (Avail pv crm_train_vg) 30823296 = hdisk74 (Avail ) hdisk97 (Avail )
vpath13 (Avail pv crm_train_vg) 30923296 = hdisk75 (Avail ) hdisk98 (Avail )

and here is the output afterwards

vpath0 (Def ) 00623296 = hdisk2 (Avail pv crm_train_vg) hdisk16 (Avail pv crm_tr
vpath1 (Def ) 00723296 = hdisk3 (Avail pv crm_train_vg) hdisk17 (Avail pv crm_tr
vpath2 (Def ) 00823296 = hdisk4 (Avail pv crm_train_vg) hdisk18 (Avail pv crm_tr
vpath3 (Def ) 10723296 = hdisk5 (Avail pv crm_train_vg) hdisk19 (Avail pv crm_tr
vpath4 (Def ) 10823296 = hdisk6 (Avail pv crm_train_vg) hdisk20 (Avail pv crm_tr
vpath5 (Def ) 10D23296 = hdisk7 (Avail pv ) hdisk21 (Avail pv )
vpath6 (Def ) 20723296 = hdisk8 (Avail pv crm_train_vg) hdisk22 (Avail pv crm_tr
vpath7 (Def ) 20823296 = hdisk9 (Avail pv crm_train_vg) hdisk23 (Avail pv crm_tr
vpath8 (Def ) 20923296 = hdisk10 (Avail pv crm_train_vg) hdisk24 (Avail pv crm_t
vpath9 (Def ) 20D23296 = hdisk11 (Avail pv ) hdisk25 (Avail pv )
vpath10 (Def ) 30723296 = hdisk12 (Avail pv crm_train_vg) hdisk26 (Avail pv crm_
vpath11 (Def ) 30823296 = hdisk13 (Avail pv crm_train_vg) hdisk27 (Avail pv crm_
vpath12 (Def ) 30923296 = hdisk14 (Avail pv crm_train_vg) hdisk28 (Avail pv crm_
vpath13 (Def ) 30D23296 = hdisk15 (Avail pv ) hdisk29 (Avail pv )

I cannot seem to move the vpaths from DEF to AVAIL. while everything still seems to work its worrying me a bit. Also all the hdisk numbers have changed although im still viewing the same data when i go into the vg.

I've tried rebooting, redoing the SDD config by deleting the vpaths/hdisks and going again. I've also tried removing and add data paths from the device menu in smit.

Finally the last wierd problem is that within smit > devices > data path devices

if i try to select "display data path device adapter status" it shows "no device file found" thats really worrying me ! lol....

Anyway if anyone can help or offer some ideas i'd really welcome them.

It might be a test box but i need to be careful with the SAN and i want to know how to fix this.

Again apologises if this is in the wrong area.

Thanks in advance
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Old 04-19-2007
fix now - details in the AIX forum if anyone wants to find out

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