Users logged in longer than machine uptime?

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Users logged in longer than machine uptime?

SCO 5.06

Anyone ever have an issue where:

uptime returns:

SCO:/# uptime
4:40pm up 4:50, 1 user, load average: 0.00, 0.00, 0.00

w returns:
SCO:/# w
User Tty Login@ Idle JCPU PCPU What
root tty01 - 72:20 - - -ksh

I've rebooted yet this has happened twice.

Any ideas?
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uptime and w

Both these programs use the same man page, and the same files.
File /etc/utmp and /etc/wtmp are used to calculate who is logged on, and for how long.
My guess is that one of these has been corrupted.
Are you running out of disk space 'no space on dev (1/42)' messages on the console, or in /usr/adm/messages?
Did the system crash?
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