how is IBM-AIX better..?

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Old 03-13-2007
how is IBM-AIX better..?

why IBM-AIX is preferred over HP-UX .....

In what way it is better for infrastructure......?

Suggestions are welcome...

Suggest you read the RULES

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captoinfo(1M)															     captoinfo(1M)

captoinfo - convert a termcap description into a terminfo description SYNOPSIS
captoinfo [-vn width] [-V] [-1] [-w width] file . . . DESCRIPTION
captoinfo looks in file for termcap descriptions. For each one found, an equivalent terminfo description is written to standard output. Termcap tc capabilities are translated directly to terminfo use capabilities. If no file is given, then the environment variable TERMCAP is used for the filename or entry. If TERMCAP is a full pathname to a file, only the terminal whose name is specified in the environment variable TERM is extracted from that file. If the environment variable TERM- CAP is not set, then the file /usr/share/terminfo is read. -v print out tracing information on standard error as the program runs. -V print out the version of the program in use on standard error and exit. -1 cause the fields to print out one to a line. Otherwise, the fields will be printed several to a line to a maximum width of 60 charac- ters. -w change the output to width characters. FILES
/usr/share/terminfo Compiled terminal description database. TRANSLATIONS FROM NONSTANDARD CAPABILITIES
Some obsolete nonstandard capabilities will automatically be translated into standard (SVr4/XSI Curses) terminfo capabilities by captoinfo. Whenever one of these automatic translations is done, the program will issue an notification to stderr, inviting the user to check that it has not mistakenly translated a completely unknown and random capability and/or syntax error. Nonstd Std From Terminfo name name capability ----------------------------------------------- BO mr AT&T enter_reverse_mode CI vi AT&T cursor_invisible CV ve AT&T cursor_normal DS mh AT&T enter_dim_mode EE me AT&T exit_attribute_mode FE LF AT&T label_on FL LO AT&T label_off XS mk AT&T enter_secure_mode EN @7 XENIX key_end GE ae XENIX exit_alt_charset_mode GS as XENIX enter_alt_charset_mode HM kh XENIX key_home LD kL XENIX key_dl PD kN XENIX key_npage PN po XENIX prtr_off PS pf XENIX prtr_on PU kP XENIX key_ppage RT @8 XENIX kent UP ku XENIX kcuu1 KA k; Tek key_f10 KB F1 Tek key_f11 KC F2 Tek key_f12 KD F3 Tek key_f13 KE F4 Tek key_f14 KF F5 Tek key_f15 BC Sb Tek set_background FC Sf Tek set_foreground HS mh Iris enter_dim_mode XENIX termcap also used to have a set of extension capabilities for forms drawing, designed to take advantage of the IBM PC high-half graphics. They were as follows: Cap Graphic ----------------------------- G2 upper left G3 lower left G1 upper right G4 lower right GR pointing right GL pointing left GU pointing up GD pointing down GH horizontal line GV vertical line GC intersection G6 upper left G7 lower left G5 upper right G8 lower right Gr tee pointing right Gr tee pointing left Gu tee pointing up Gd tee pointing down Gh horizontal line Gv vertical line Gc intersection GG acs magic cookie count If the single-line capabilities occur in an entry, they will automatically be composed into an acsc string. The double-line capabilities and GG are discarded with a warning message. IBM's AIX has a terminfo facility descended from SVr1 terminfo but incompatible with the SVr4 format. The following AIX extensions are automatically translated: IBM XSI ------------- ksel kslt kbtab kcbt font0 s0ds font1 s1ds font2 s2ds font3 s3ds Additionally, the AIX box1 capability will be automatically translated to an acsc string. Hewlett-Packard's terminfo library supports two nonstandard terminfo capabilities meml (memory lock) and memu (memory unlock). These will be discarded with a warning message. NOTES
This utility is actually a link to tic(1M), running in -I mode. You can use other tic options such as -f and -x. The trace option isn't identical to SVr4's. Under SVr4, instead of following the -v with a trace level n, you repeat it n times. SEE ALSO
curses(3X), infocmp(1M), terminfo(5) AUTHOR
Eric S. Raymond <> captoinfo(1M)

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