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load monitor script

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Than you all for the help. I will try the scripts and see if I can somewhat centralize this. I will let you guys know how it goes.

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lh_stats(3)							      OpenSSL							       lh_stats(3)

lh_stats, lh_node_stats, lh_node_usage_stats, lh_stats_bio, lh_node_stats_bio, lh_node_usage_stats_bio - LHASH statistics SYNOPSIS
#include <openssl/lhash.h> void lh_stats(LHASH *table, FILE *out); void lh_node_stats(LHASH *table, FILE *out); void lh_node_usage_stats(LHASH *table, FILE *out); void lh_stats_bio(LHASH *table, BIO *out); void lh_node_stats_bio(LHASH *table, BIO *out); void lh_node_usage_stats_bio(LHASH *table, BIO *out); DESCRIPTION
The LHASH structure records statistics about most aspects of accessing the hash table. This is mostly a legacy of Eric Young writing this library for the reasons of implementing what looked like a nice algorithm rather than for a particular software product. lh_stats() prints out statistics on the size of the hash table, how many entries are in it, and the number and result of calls to the routines in this library. lh_node_stats() prints the number of entries for each 'bucket' in the hash table. lh_node_usage_stats() prints out a short summary of the state of the hash table. It prints the 'load' and the 'actual load'. The load is the average number of data items per 'bucket' in the hash table. The 'actual load' is the average number of items per 'bucket', but only for buckets which contain entries. So the 'actual load' is the average number of searches that will need to find an item in the hash table, while the 'load' is the average number that will be done to record a miss. lh_stats_bio(), lh_node_stats_bio() and lh_node_usage_stats_bio() are the same as the above, except that the output goes to a BIO. RETURN VALUES
These functions do not return values. SEE ALSO
bio(3), lhash(3) HISTORY
These functions are available in all versions of SSLeay and OpenSSL. This manpage is derived from the SSLeay documentation. 1.0.1e 2013-02-11 lh_stats(3)

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